Saffron as a love herb ! 

Sexual dysfunction is a extensively  common  problem that affects the health and quality of life of the couples worldwide, in general stress can be the main cause of this problem but also others causes like : sexual trauma ,diabete, heart diseas…

Herbal medicines and especially saffron, have a suffiecient effects in order to improve  sexual function in women and men according to several studies.

A pinch of  saffron can be used for ercticle dysfunction and libido lowdown instead of having viagra, because so many men stopped using viagra pills for various reasons such as adverse side-effects.

 While treating this probleme of ER can be solved by consuming saffron in a good way that will shows an amazing results.

According to many research, Saffron is highly considered as an aphrodisiac, its due to its compound crocin, that bring improvement for several issues,  As matter of fact that saffron have aphrodisiac properties relating to  desire, lubrication and overall satisfaction.

It’s a  natural and real booster of sexual stamina thanks to  plenty of iron in its composition which increases the levels of red blood cells in the body, thus lead to boost blood circulation. As a result, the body receive a higher energy levels.

In the same way, Recent studies has shown  the positive effect  of this golden plant for infertility problems and increasing sperm morphology and motility.

In fact, saffron  will be seeing as a  super supplement incorporated into many people’s routines, because it’s safe with no side effects.Although, it is an expensive love herb, Saffron can improve sexual and reproductive health, in a variety ways and recharge your sex life

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