Natural Amlou with Almonds & Argan oil

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Amlou is a Berber culinary preparation from the Souss region (Morocco) that the Chleuhs are used to eating. It consists of argan oil, almonds or peanuts and may contain honey.

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Amlou Saffir is a typical recipe that we inherited from our ancestors in the Taliouine region. Amlou does not exist anywhere else than in our region, since this famous spread is made from organic argan oil, an oil from an endemic tree of Moroccan souss. An incomparable taste

Made in a traditional way, only from almonds, orange honey and organic argan oil.

Its first positive point is its high calorie composition. He is

thus very energetic, restorative and stimulating. Apart from its fortifying and aphrodisiac properties, this food brings with it all the benefits of honey, almonds and argan oil.

A real treat for the taste buds. Also exists “Without Honey” for people with diabetes or on a sugar-free diet.

Amlou Saffir contains no chemical additives or preservatives, and you won’t need to store it for long, since it’s so good you’ll finish your jar of amlou in record time.

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