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A honey with character recognized as an outstanding intestinal regulator. Its therapeutic qualities are proven in the treatment of diarrhea, constipation (children and adults), irritation, colon and various digestive disorders
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Carob honey is the result of bees foraging in this ancient tree. Morocco is the 2nd world producer of carobs, Its name comes from the Arabic “kharoub”, and the Moroccan Berbers call it “TIKIDA”.

Carob honey has a pleasant, sweet taste, which tends slightly towards chocolate. Brown in color, carob honey is a food supplement in some of its uses, but as we have said, it stands out above all for its qualitative organic properties. It is indeed endowed with a large quantity of trace elements, which makes its therapeutic use particularly interesting. As such, this honey is recommended for digestive and intestinal treatment (fight against constipation and diarrhea), but also for urine and diuretic functions. Like many quality honeys, it is also recommended for the treatment of bronchitis and angina

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