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Euphorbia honey from Morocco has a Very creamy texture and taste, it is highly sought after by lovers of rare honeys. This honey is known to be taken when you have sore throats, it stings and slightly heats the throat.
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Euphorbia honey, also called in Arabic “Daghmouss”, is produced from the flowers of resinous spurge, a cactoid and thorny plant growing mainly in Morocco.

The acrid taste of Euphorbia Honey (Cactus) warms the throat and joints.

Euphorbia honey is a honey that crystallizes quickly, it is advisable to let it melt slowly in the mouth.

It comes from the region of Aït Baâmrane in Morocco and is harvested in a traditional way.

The medicinal virtues of this honey are numerous.

Toning: It treats sore throats.

For people suffering from sexual impotence

Warming: It relieves cough.

Traditional medicinal virtues: Hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and allergic asthma.

Crystallization, temperature and liquefaction of honey

After conditioning, honey can crystallize, it is a natural phenomenon that guarantees its quality. It is best to store it either above 20°C or below 10°, hence the interest of placing it in the refrigerator.

It is possible to liquefy honey that has crystallized, by putting it in a bain-marie for a few minutes and stirring constantly, but be careful! If you want to preserve all the qualities of the honey, you must not exceed 40°C.

These virtues are given for information only, they will never replace a medical consultation.

Our honey is harvested in the traditional way and may contain broken wax or a small souvenir from the hive.

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